Your Mandala

Commissioned Personal & Corporate Mandalas


"Your Spiritual Compass"
For you on your spiritual path

A multidimensional sacred geometry key

Channelled to your soul vibration & 
frequency with unique detail

It is a soul to source connection
clearing blocks & giving focus.

"Activating your full potential"

Your own uniqueness unfolds into a beautiful masterpiece which has been known to activate & unlock codes in your cells & DNA. 

Your mandala helps you to remember & find your true Authentic Self & Life Purpose

Contact Cathy to discuss your requirements.


"Abundance, Balance, 
Harmony & Vision"
For you who appreciate fine Art

A welcome master piece for your Boardroom or Foyer

Start Relaxed and Balanced with Clarity and Focus

A beautiful balance of conscious art & ancient sacred geometry in an elegant classic style & finish.

"Illuminating & captivating"

With warmth & balance helping you feel calm & serene while being intrigued to view intermittently.

You will connect & cherish
individually or as a set

Contact Cathy to discuss your requirements.