"Contemporary Art meets Sacred Geometry"

Annie's Lane Winery, Watervale SA

"Your work is absolutely beautiful. My favourite is Entwined. Thank you for showing us. Definitely a brighter white light is needed"


"A lovely experience. Thanks for the invite. You are a clever girl. Thanks again & best of wishes"


"I had no idea what to expect and was amazed!

Your work is insightful and inspiring. The detail is so intricate. Having the spiritual aspect attached makes your work so much deeper. Well done on inspiring others."


"Very aesthetically pleasing work your portrayal of thought & emotion through symmetry, colour & geometric line work is stunning & emotive. All the best with your future artistic endevours"

CJB xx

"Congratulations Cathy.

Wonderful work.

All the best for your first show"


"Totally enjoyed your first event Cathy! Hope there's plenty more. Inspirational."

Jane x

"Beautiful, peace invoking work. Pleasure to view"

Deb & Duncan

"Cathy it's such an honour and a privledge to be here to celebrate with you today. The world needs you, your beautiful heart and your divine work to light us all up. I'm so happy & grateful for the loving ripple effect you've started today. Love you love your work"


"Unbelievable amount of detail. You're amazing Cathy.

Thanks for the invite.

The trolley's comin! Hahaha"


"A wonderful space.

Great display of amazing mandalas & energy.

Thank you Cathy for your wonderful work and a day of healing.

Very inspirational journey.

Blessings always & love"

Melina & Sam

"Absolutely Amazing!

Very informative, have learnt something new today, great enjoyment. Good luck Cathy."

Donna xo

"Cathy, these mandalas are so beautiful & speak volumes to my heart - you have an amazing talent.Thanks for this exhibition"


"Beautiful Cathy, Thank you for your divinely inspired work that ripples through us all in the universe! You are Gods gift"


"Om my Gold!

There are no words to describe the excitement I felt seeing this exhibition. So glad to see you getting it out there Cathy"

Tina xx

"Beautiful work continues Cathy... there are no surprises here - there is however lots of love, truth, courage & light to enrich our world! Thank you."

Kerry x

"Cathy, I was so drawn to be here today! It was a spiritual delight. I could write an essay on what it meant to me. I resonate with the OM symbol deeply since i traveled to & volunteered in Chitwan, Nepal. Your mandalas have amazing energy!! So much Love, namaste"


"Beautiful ripples of love, magnificent pieces of energetic art. Thank you Cathy for sending out the love"


"Your Art is almost as amazing & BEAUTIFUL as you. Wishing you every success"

Michelle xxx

"A beautiful & uplifting display. Truly spiritual."

Love Graham

"Cathy - what an amazing journey you have been on & to follow it through your mandalas is a pleasure! Wishing you every success in your 'Om Mandalas' exhibition!"


"Well you have done it you little cherub well done. Your speech was spectacular captivating glorious and as elegant courageous and beautiful like your sacred art and your beautiful kind loving self"

Blessings Jenny xx

"Your energy in yourself & your designs are so refreshing. Thank you so much for the special time you spent with Jesse"

Pete - The Gardener

"The bleeding of colours caught my attention. I loved it. Reminded me I use to draw. Especially loved your inspiring talk to Jesse. I can see his energy brighten. Thank you Cathy"


"The mandalas are very spiritual and influential"


"Your artwork is great & I loved the gem rocks"


"Congratulations Cathy! Your work is a beautiful extension of your amazing inner beauty and light you share. Wishing you every success and hope to purchase a piece to adorn my yoga studio wall. Love & light"

Meegan xx

"Stunning, stunning, stunning.

Who would have thought?

Love and best wishes"

Diana & Regan

"Wowsers - Absolutely beautifully stunning!! Just lovely pieces, the colour is fantastic on the black background. The metallic pens paint and pencils are amazing. Loved it. How healing for you and everyone."


"Sun 5th Feb '17

Met Cathy & was inspired by her beautiful tranquil art exhibition.

Wishing her well"


"Loved the OM ART work all my favourites has opened my heart to possibilities thank you"


"Your art work is really amazing and very beautiful, it was a real pleasure to see it."


"I work with students with disabilities and we looked at all different ways to do mandalas so this showing gave me memories of what we did. They are soothing, relaxing and amazing."

Jo Hill

"It is wonderful to get the chance to see the complete collection of works it has helped me to more fully appreciate the extent of your skills. Thank you for choosing me as your framer"


"Well done, you are so passionate about what you do!"


"Beautiful work. Well done"


"Beautiful artwork.

Lovely and balanced."


"Thanks Legend

Absolutely beautiful mandalas. So proud of you. Love you to bits"


"Lovely Cathy. All the best with future endeavours. Well framed!! Inspirational drawings."


"Amazing Art! So glad we had the chance to see this. Blessings to you"